About Us

Hi, I'm Jack

Cattle Dog Academy's Founder


Well, technically my dog, Cowboy, is the more well known of the two of us. After years of documenting Cowboy's training journey on social media for fun, I decided it was time to help others create their own version of their "ultimate dog."  

Now I use my dog skills and breed knowledge to guide others to optimize their relationships with their dogs.

Not bad for a dog nerd huh?

Why Cattle Dog Academy?


Many people ask why they should join our membership. Simple! I want to share the wins and loses of owning a high drive working breed so that you don't have to learn them the hard way. 

 Many of us would argue dogs are a necessary part of life. But that doesn't mean they have to make our lives more stressful and chaotic. I will show you how!

All you have to do is pay a small fee to buy me a cup of coffee each month and I will sweat my tail off to provide new and effective content. Deal?



Bred to Work


Ever since I was born I was thrown to the wolves (well, their distant kin were wolves..)

I was fortunate enough to have been raised around many animals including chickens, ducks, goats, horses and more...but dogs were always unquestionably my favorite.

Almost like they had their own category above all else.

Dog Lover From the Start


I grew up training rottweilers and labradors..both breeds originally bred to perform a job.

When I could read my parents bought me dog encyclopedias that had different breed characteristics and histories. I studied them so much that the bindings wore out...

I warned you I was a dog nerd. Ask me a question about just about any working, sporting, or herding breed 😉

Then I Got Cowboy...


Then while I was in college I decided to get one of the most time demanding breeds there is...😂

His compact size, tough attitude, and extreme endurance all pointed to my ideal adventure buddy.

But the training that would ensue was something I was not entirely expecting...he humbled me.

I was not the hot shot dog trainer I thought I was. Or at least I had not ever been presented with such a high drive dog.

And Now We Meet


I have spent more hours than a human could possibly count working with this dog and alongside others with similar...learning what works, and definitely what doesn't. 

I have come to admire this breed's drive and work ethic so much that I truly want to help other owners to channel their dogs drive.

Too often they end up in shelters because of being what they were bred to be. 

My hope is that Cattle Dog Academy will help people improve their relationships with their dogs and help guide them towards their "dog of a lifetime."

 Try our membership course!


Not sure if Cattle Dog Academy is right for you?

Try us for a month and see! The worst case you spend the same amount as a cup of coffee and don't like us...