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Whether you're new to dog ownership or want to simply take your relationship with your dog to the next level, this program is designed to be adaptable for you.


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The ultimate guide to help you create the dog of your dreams no matter your skill level.

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#1 Course for Cattle Dog Owners

Cattle Dog Academy

A fast-paced and easy to follow course that will give you a concrete understanding of how to raise and train your ideal companion.

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Our students' success speaks volumes.

"I’ve been a dog owner for a decade and still learned a ton.

Alex Rhodes

Blue Heeler Owner

"Jack has helped us move mountains with our blue heeler puppy

Jason Shine

Blue Heeler Puppy Owner

"I have taken in person trainings and this was better than all of them. Beau wouldn't be nearly as trained without this.

Elizabeth Schroeder

Brittany Owner

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  • Access to our entire library of pre-recorded training videos
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  • Access to our community of fellow owners
  • Learn breed specific history and traits to better understand your dog
  • Live Q&A and fun challenges to keep training fun & stimulating!
  • Bonus content and guest appearances
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Why Cattle Dog Academy?


Many people ask why they should join our membership. Simple! I want to share the wins and loses of owning a high drive working breed so that you don't have to learn them the hard way. 

Many of us would argue dogs are a necessary part of life. But that doesn't mean they have to make our lives more stressful and chaotic. I will show you how!

All you have to do is pay enough to buy me a cup of coffee each month and I will sweat my tail off to provide new and effective content. Deal?

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